Monday, November 3, 2014


It is time for this blog to take a little pause. I mean, you wouldn't think that finding set theory instances in pop culture would grant the same rapid fire coverage of, say, Hello Kitty Hell, would you?

So, today no pop culture. Instead here is a video:

This is the Full Program: Infinity part of the World Science Festival. A Philosopher/Theologician, a Mathematician, a Set Theorists and a Physicist meet together, and instead of starting a joke they discuss for more than one hour about infinity. If you are seriously interested in infinity, this is a nice video to be introduced to, with different perspectives. In parts it is a bit technical, so take your time, don't sweat it.

The introduction is fantastic, with a parade of people talking about infinity in absurdely vague and personal terms, all thinking that infinity is central in their work, like a yoga man, a librarian (!) and of course, an ultrafinitist (that, frankly, doesn't really come out well from the comparison).

Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Here is some more connection between Set Theory and Theology. Oh, and the above is divulgation done right. Wanna see divulgation done wrong?