Monday, July 21, 2014

Rendezvous with Futurama

Disclaimer: Very short post, today, since I am recovering from the Vienna Summer of Logic and I feel a bit dizzy from all that logic.

Enough teenager love stories! I really overindulged on that. It's a bit creepy. Let's see something more classical:

The opening title card for Futurama

Futurama is an animated TV show that was advertised at the beginning as "The Simpsons in the future", but was really a brilliant, humorus, post-modern cartoon. It was cancelled, revived again and put on hold another time. The authors were never afraid of going too deep into complex/nerdy matters, like physics or computer science, thus including mathematical subjects (most famously, a writer invented and published a new math theorem just for an episode), so it is quite expected to find a Set Theory joke. Where? Here it is, from the 21st episode (it appeared also on the 47th episode):

File:Number 9 Raging Bender.jpg

This is in fact pretty popular, and not obscure at all, but if you don't know what I am talking about, you would ask: "What is this? Where is the infinite here? There is a strange letter there, but what has this to do with Set Theory? Are you kidding me? You're wasting my time!"

To you, I'll tell you two things

1. I... I don't think this is how the Internet works. I am sorry. Please stop shouting at your screen, and in case write some comment below?
2. I am not going to answer this now, wait until next week, and I will ask help to a key figure in Spanish language literature...

So, see you next Monday!

Update: the answer is here, as well as Infinity Chad. And if you like Sci-Fi, maybe you'll want to know about this.

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